Bon Harris talar ut om USA & The Fall

Release Music Magazine har pratat med Bon Harris i Nitzer Ebb och i en riktigt bra intervju kan man b la plocka två sköna citat från mannen som en gång i tiden var den mest hårdslående digitaltrummisen i världen:

You’ve been living in the US for quite some time now. Do you miss anything from back home in the UK?

– Not necessarily the UK but more Europe in general. In Europe, everywhere you go you can be sure that you will meet people that you will be able to have a stimulating conversation with and that are socially responsible with a general intelligence and awareness. In the States this really varies but it is OK when you’re in cities like LA, New York or Chicago.

Is there anyone special that you’d love to work with?

– I’d love to do something with Mark E Smith of The Fall!


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